Charles Morgan

Dr. Charles Morgan
Chairman of Morgan Motor Co.

Charles Morgan is the Chairman of the Morgan Motor Co., the world's oldest privately owned motor manufacturer. He is the Finalist of the "Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year", 2013.

The company is a mine of fascinating facts and history but one of the most interesting things about Morgan is the way that this traditional company has adapted to change in order to survive in our ever changing modern world.

Its accolades include Specialist Manufacturer of the Year, the Sir Henry Royce Award, and, in 2002, the company was voted One of the UK’s 100 Most Visionary Organizations by British Telecom.

In 2010 the Morgan Motor Co. was awarded a Ruban d’Honneur by HSBC as one of the ten finalists for European Business of the Year.

Charles Morgan

Morgan Motor Co. celebrated its Centenary in 2009 with a gathering of over 3000 Morgan sports cars and their owners from 23 different countries. Charles, having been a major part of the change, is able to speak effectively about change management in a traditional environment calling on his own and the company's experiences - it's successes and challenges and how it continues to adapt and thrive.

Charles can illustrate the importance of taking a different approach when selling, particularly into a niche market.

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