Kell Rayan

Kell Ryan
Founder of the World's First Low Cost Airline RYANAIR

Kell has over forty years of extensive airline experience with a comprehensive knowledge that spans the aviation field including operations, customer service training, marketing, sales public relations and media communications.

Kell spent the first 24 years working for the Irish national airline Aer Lingus where he was responsible for all operations, passenger and other airline handling contracts at London Heathrow Airport.

Joining RYANAIR in its embryonic stage, the company was conceptualised and financed by Dr T.A.Ryan, Kell’s older brother. Working unrelentingly to revolutionize and change air travel within Europe, RYANAIR business model has made air travel affordable to all and changed the way people fly and even the way society works.

Kell Rayan

Kell headed the major and crucial transfer of establishing the airline to the Stansted Airport and before retiring spent the last few years primarily promoting and marketing RYANAIR within Europe and North Africa. He is now extensively involved in tourism and travel, developing new and unexplored regions to visit. Tourism continues to be one of the most important industries in the world. 

It is of great pride to him that he is a pioneering member of a team that has changed travel within Europe to the extent that in 1985 RYANAIR carried 5000 passengers and today it is the largest International Airlinein the World and carried 80 Million customers this financial year.

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