Secretary’s Message

Secretary’s message The Institute of Sales & Marketing Management (ISMM) are delighted to partner with Middle East & North Africa Customer Delight Award Secretariat, and American Liberty University. As a business we are committed to sales excellence and the professionalisation of sales across the globe, and Achieving this important mission is not possible without considering the importance of Customer Experience, and Customer Delight and Satisfaction. We are delighted to be in the company of such prestigious guests as well, including those from the worlds of Sport, Academia and of course business.
We had the pleasure of working with Dr. Graeme Codrington at our own annual conference in 2011, and know that his thought leadership will be of massive interest to any business attending the event, and we look forward to hearing the thoughts of Dr. Kevin Soltani, Kriss Akabusi, and Prof. Luis Huete who I know will have some additional thoughts of interest to this community.
Finally, we look forward to hearing the thoughts of Dr. Markus Merk, Dr. Charles Morgan, Rene Jaeggi and Dr. Kell Ryan, what achievements these individuals represent in the business world, as a passionate  football and motor enthusiast and frequent flyer, I am particularly looking forward to their thoughts.
We look forward to seeing you all at this event, which we know will be a massive success and an enjoyable and thought provoking event in a special and memorable night for us all.

Secretary of MENA Customer Delight Award 2013
Ben Turner

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